AmeriCorps service members lend a hand at T2T

“My AmeriCorps experience helped me broaden my awareness of the multitude of resources present and those still needed in our community,” says Andrew Winkers, who served part of his AmeriCorps service term with T2T when his service in Iowa City Community Schools was interrupted by the pandemic. Andrew was the first AmeriCorps service member to join the T2T team in 2020 and opened the door to an invaluable resource. In the past three years, AmeriCorps members have supported food rescue operations, implemented a new software system, trained volunteers in safety and equity, expanded access to fresh, local produce, and more!

Andrew was impacted by “seeing how far reaching Table to Table’s food rescue activism connects and sustains the community by making resources available that would otherwise go to waste.” Andrew adds, “And the importance of seeking connections to build a community that cares.”