2023 food rescue at a glance


Food in a heart shape

T2T rescued 2,287,968 pounds of food this year, a 4% increase over the previous year.

Apple graphic

56% of the food we rescued was produce, protein, and dairy.

Shopping cart graphic

125 stores, warehouses, processors, farms, markets, and cafeterias donated food.

T2T van graphic

T2T coordinated 
14,000+ food pickups and deliveries.

A volunteer stands with a cart full of boxes of vegetables from the farmers market.

Volunteers rescued food from grocery stores, warehouses, & dining halls on 2,300 routes.

Plate, fork, and knife graphic

Table to Table food reached more than 25,000 neighbors this year. Nearly ⅓ were children.


Learn more about the contributions of the 8 staff, 8 AmeriCorps service members, and 2 practicum students who helped make all this happen.

Thanks to new software you helped fund, we are using even more data to drive our work. Join us for a virtual demonstration of FoodForce.