Thank you, T2T #helpers

Sarah Douglas has done three or more food rescue routes per week since the crisis started in March. She’s a #foodrescuehero for sure.

Thank you #helpersMany of our regular food rescue volunteers have stepped up to do more than ever before during the COVID-19 crisis, rescuing food on several routes per week and bringing their friends and families along to help. These individuals ensure that our program continues operating and ease onboarding the influx of new emergency volunteers with their experience and willingness to adapt. Several volunteers have also offered to be on call in case we need to fill a route or if a special mission comes up. Thanks to their efforts, we can establish a sense of familiarity with our restructured routes for both regular and new volunteers. 

Our volunteers are truly our #helpers in time of great need.

Cassidy Beamer, former T2T intern, and current volunteer has stepped up and even brought along her boyfriend to help on extra routes.
Michelle Hills with two pallets of cheeseballs.
High School math teacher, Michelle, volunteered nearly every day the first two weeks of this crisis.