Local middle schooler’s donation delivers 2000 pounds of rescued food

A local seventh-grader, Izzy Mooney, recently reached out to Table to Table about a research project she conducted to better understand how different nonprofits in the Iowa City area were responding to the Covid-19 crisis. Izzy eagerly took up this project initiated by her parents to keep her engaged and learning while out of school. She narrowed in on how several local organizations were addressing hunger relief and put together a report. After presenting her findings to her parents, she recommended the family make a donation to Table to Table to support our work during this crisis.

She was excited to share her research with us, and was surprised about how much we do to rescue food:

I learned so much about food pantries…[I can’t believe] you can rescue six cans of food for $0.96.”Selfie of seventh grader Izzy Mooney

Since her dad works at Microsoft, her donation will be matched by Microsoft’s employee match outreach program in the mission of supporting nonprofits around the globe.

We want to thank Izzy and the Mooney family for demonstrating the importance of civic engagement, especially during times of crisis. Their donation will deliver nearly 2,000 pounds of food to our neighbors in need.