Shop to reduce food waste

Moldy bread, sour milk, and wilted veggies — these are all common outcomes of buying too much food.

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Reduce food waste at home and save money by following our easy, simple tips on how to shop to reduce food waste:

Before you head to the store…

  • Shop your kitchen. Inventory which food items you already have in the refrigerator and pantry to avoid buying duplicates.
  • Make a list. What meals or dishes do you plan to make this week? Identify which ingredients you will need and add them to the list.
    • Looking for list-making resources? Check out the many available grocery list phone apps, such as AnyList, Mealime, or OurGroceries. If you prefer a paper list, check out this shopping list template.
  • Eat a snack or meal. It is important to avoid grocery shopping when hungry as you are more susceptible to impulse purchases and over-buying.

Once at the store…

  • Think realistically about items on sale, such as “10 for $5”. It may seem like a tempting deal, but will you actually be able to consume ten? If not, you could end up with food waste, which results in money wasted.
  • Control quantity. To have better control of quantity when purchasing produce items, opt for unpackaged fresh fruits and vegetables. (Added climate benefit: you reduce packaging, too!)


  • Shop Your Kitchen:
  • Don’t Shop When Hungry:
    • Eat a snack or meal before grocery shopping. See if you notice a difference in your shopping habits.

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